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Where we grow together as a family

There are numerous Muay Thai Associations out there. This one is different! It is designed for you. We want to help you become a better teacher, coach, and instructor. We want to help you grow your school. We will provide you everything you need to be successful. We will give you a monthly curriculum, your own space on our website, easy and accessible video teachings, and most importantly we will be available for you when you need us. You will have access to train with the top instructors and the top schools within in our family. You will have access to a comprehensive training curriculum and business support program. You will have access to all the family members. You will also have a direct connection to Arjan Carlos whenever you need to talk to him. Your thoughts and ideas are always welcome. You will not be forgotten when you join. We leave nobody behind because we all grow together as a family. We are one big family with the same goal: To spread Muay Thai and help our fellow teachers. Talk to any of our family members – they’ll tell you why they joined – and why they stay! AMTA is not your normal association...We are Family!!

Our Mission…
Is very simple. We want you to be successful! We want you to join our Family !

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